Spring Activities In The Niagara Region

Spring Activities In The Niagara Region

Spring is a truly beautiful and extraordinary time of year, as the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom. It is a time of life and rebirth, associated with nature and natural beauty. Few places in the world can hold a candle to the natural beauty of the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada.

Famous for the spectacular Niagara Falls, this gorgeous place is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. However, there are many things to do other than viewing the Falls, especially in springtime.

Great Spring Activities In The Niagara Region

It feels like winter is slowly winding down, with the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere arriving on March 20th. The Niagara Region has many activities which are exclusive to spring, so you’ll want to be in the area on the day of these events.

Start planning your spring activities in Niagara today! Here are a few of the many things springtime in Niagara has to offer.


Niagara Folk Arts Festival

Every year in Canada, the Niagara Region honours and celebrates the diversity of the nation and all of its cultures through the Folk Arts Festival. This is the oldest continually-running heritage festival in the whole country.

This is the place where phenomenal and varied cuisine, performances, and music all come together from a plethora of cultures.


Pelham Arts Festival

Thousands of visitors, art lovers and collectors come to Pelham every year to discover new works and new talents in a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Over 60 contemporary visual artists and artisans, who collectively present thousands of choices in a vibrant array of styles, mediums and messages, come together to showcase and sell their original fine art directly to the public. Side by side established artists and undiscovered talents sell their artwork to the public and make lasting connections with art patrons and collectors.

New as of 2021: You can now search through hundreds of unique artworks for purchase online!


Queen Victoria Park

If you want to see plant life from all over the world, including some unique to the Niagara Region, then there is no better time to visit Queen Victoria Park, right when the flowers are in bloom.

Positioned right in the heart of the Niagara Parks, Queen Victoria stands as the grandest and most well-kept garden in the entire region. If you want to see over 500,000 daffodils in bloom, this is the place for you.


Botanical Gardens

If you want to truly experience horticulture and everything it has to offer, there are few places in the world more astonishing than Niagara’s Botanical Gardens. With nearly 100 acres of award-winning landscapes and seasonal flower beds, these wondrous sights are sure to bring out the green thumb in anyone.


Niagara Falls Comic Con

The end of spring marks the start of the Niagara Falls Comic Con – a three-day event dedicated to a variety of pop culture such as games and comics. The Niagara Falls Comic Con attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.

With over 50 special guests to meet and greet, guest panels, and over 200 square feet of exhibits, stalls, games, and workshops, you will never be bored. By the end of it, you’ll be wishing it lasted for more than three days!


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