Which Colleges and Universities Are Located In The Niagara Region?

Which Colleges and Universities Are Located In The Niagara Region

Moving to a new house can be a big step, especially for families with teenagers and young adults finishing high school. Big decisions need to be made in the next few months about their next steps after high school and choosing a college or university to attend is one of those choices.

Knowing which colleges and universities are available to your children in the area you wish to move into can help with the decision-making process of buying a new home. The Niagara Region has a few options for you to check out, including options for both university and college.

Colleges in Canada, unlike those in the U.S., were built to help students enhance their practical skills. They focus on teaching the skills needed for trades and concentrate on filling employment gaps. University, on the other hand, is an institution that focuses on analytical skills. While colleges hand out diplomas, universities give out bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Depending on what the future holds for you, you may choose to attend either one of these institutions to gain the knowledge you will need for your career later in life. The Niagara Region can offer you both.

To find out more about educational institutions in the Niagara area, keep reading!

Brock University

Brock University is a public university that is situated in St. Catharines, Ontario. The university ranks very well for student satisfaction in Ontario and throughout the rest of Canada. It can offer qualifications in a variety of disciplines, including business studies, education, applied sciences, performing arts, and social sciences.

Students can get involved in a range of sports and events on campus that can help to bulk out their CVs after they graduate. Graduates of Brock University have been shown to continue onto jobs in their chosen career area thanks to the help of the university and its outstanding career services.

Brock can offer students affordable living, programs that are designed with careers in mind, and diverse opportunities outside of their studies. The campus is also situated just an hour (by car) from the GTA and the US border.

Niagara College

The Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology is situated in Ontario. It is a public institution with two campuses in the Niagara region. The college offers a wide variety of different course types, from 1-year certificates to bachelor’s and master’s degrees to advanced diplomas.

Subjects vary from media and technology all the way to food and wine studies, hospitality, and travel and tourism. The college concentrates mainly on subjects designed for employment. It has an acceptance rate of 89% and is considered an easy college to get into for the average student. It ranks highly among regional institutions and has a relatively high student satisfaction rate.

On the campus, students will find modern facilities with good transportation links to the surrounding areas. Students are also likely to find sports and other extracurriculars to inspire them in their downtime.

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