What Cities Make Up the Niagara Region?

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Did you know that 38.8% of Canada’s population live in the province of Ontario?

Whether it’s the amazing feats of nature or the bustling cities, it’s clear that there is something special drawing people to Ontario. One of the most beloved areas in Ontario is the Niagara Region. If you’ve been considering a move, you may have searched for communities in this well-known area, but what exactly makes the Niagara Region so popular? What are its best cities to check out?

We’re here to fill you in, so keep reading below to discover more about this amazing area!


Most Well-Known Niagara Region: Welland

The Niagara Region is split up between two sub-regions, Lincoln and Welland. The larger of the two is Welland, and it’s where the majority of the larger cities in the Niagara Region are located.

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Niagara Falls

Population: 88,000

Niagara Falls is the most famous city in the Welland sub-region. It is a city that has plenty more to offer beyond its namesake natural wonder, from a thriving downtown nightlife to a great collection of golfing greens to beautiful trails for nature lovers, there’s something for everyone.

In Niagara Falls you’ll find many cultural areas including Queen Street, Main and Ferry Streets, Stamford Centre and Chippewa Square. Community centres that are host to cultural activities include the City of Niagara Falls Museums, Niagara Falls Public Libraries, Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre, Club Italia and ScotiaBank Convention Centre.


Population: 20,000

Thorold is a relatively small city but has a lot to offer. Most popularly visited for the Twin Flint Locks which runs through the middle of town. The twin flint locks are the highest and also the last lift up the Welland Canal and draws visitors from all over.

Offering more than 15 parks, including Short Hills Provincial Park, Thorold hosts plenty of art and cultural events, and has a strong historical presence. Thorold is quickly expanding and a great town to call home.


Population: 52,000

Residents of Welland enjoy the beaches and parks surrounding the Welland Canal, Welland River and other waterways, along with all the community-oriented activities in the city, such as the flourishing farmers’ market scene.

Welland is an affordable city in the Niagara Region, rated 40th in the 2021 Housing Affordability Report, and it is considered a great place to live for single people and families alike.

Port Colborne

Population: 18,000

Port Colborne is a coastal city that borders Lake Erie. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, with amazing hiking trails and natural wonders like Ball’s Falls. Residents of Port Colborne can enjoy the annual Canal Days festival, quaint small-town shopping, local fishing, boating, hiking, and even horseback riding.

Fun Fact: The annual Canal Days festival in recognition of the important role played by the Welland Canal in the history of the city. Originating as a small fair held at the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum, it has grown to feature live music, an antique car show, fireworks, tall ships, a kite festival, and international foods. (Wikipedia)

The Beautiful Sub-Region of Lincoln

The Lincoln sub-region makes up the remaining five divisions in the Niagara region. While it is only home to one major city, there are still plenty of beautiful residential areas to explore in Lincoln. It’s especially popular for homeowners who want to live right on the water!


Population: 17,000

Niagara-on-the-Lake is actually a town, not a city, but we’d be remiss not to mention it! This beautiful community has around 17,500 residents, and it’s known for its history and quaint colonial architecture. It’s located at the point where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, giving locals an amazing opportunity to enjoy the scenic views and water activities.

St. Catharines

Population: 140,000

St. Catharines is the largest city in the Niagara Region, boasting approximately 133,000 residents. St. Catharines is known as “The Garden City” because it offers over 1,000 acres of trails, gardens, and parks. It has a strong urban atmosphere and is a center for communication between Canada and the U.S., which makes it an ideal location for young professionals.

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Looking to Purchase a Home in the Niagara Region?

The Niagara Region is bursting with beautiful cities and a diverse mix of cultures and communities. With the list above, you’ll have no trouble finding the best location in the region for you!
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