Your Niagara Real Estate Podcast: Ep. #22

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Niagara Real Estate Agents Podcast with Shawn de Laat and Patrick Burke.

2 realtors, from 2 different brokerages, running 2 different real estate teams, with 1 singular mission.



Imagine selling homes since 1972! For the record, that is 50 years! Rusty has truly seen it all. He even pre-dates the pager!

Through it all, Rusty has maintained the same fundamental principles of what he does and why he does it. Strong integrity, doing the work and always focussed on doing the right thing for his clients.

A truly incredible journey. …and to top it all off, he’s a pretty good guy too. 🙂
Rusty is with Royal Lepage NRC Realty. Plug his name into google and voila.





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