The Top 10 Neighbourhoods In The Niagara Region

The Top 10 Neighbourhoods In The Niagara Region

Niagara is an incredibly sought-after region in Ontario with an average house selling rate of just twenty-two days from listing. The region is known for its high quality of life and is a fertile environment for real estate investment.

Comprising of twelve municipalities with contrasting identities, the region offers everything from rural charm to historical towns packed with cultural activities to keep you busy on the weekend. From the Niagara Jazz Festival and the annual Grape and Wine Festival to natural vistas in the form of two great lakes – namely Erie and Ontario – and the Falls itself is the region’s variety that attracts so many new buyers each year.

With urban neighbourhoods, like Downtown, St. Catharines, and historical towns, like Old Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake, there really is something for everyone in the best neighbourhoods in Niagara.

What Makes A Community Stand-Out?

According to RE/MAX’s 2020 Liveability Report, there are 14 primary factors that go into the liveability score of a particular neighbourhood. This includes considerations such as affordability, walkability, driveability, cultural/ethnic diversity, access to green space and access to bike lanes and walking paths. Additionally, it considers the neighbourhoods proximity to work, public transit, retail, gyms, bars, restaurants, big box stores, healthcare, preferred schools and more. Based on these factors and the input of local realtors in the Niagara Region, it was determined that the top 10 neighbourhoods in the region are as follows:

Fort Erie North

A quiet and calm neighbourhood, Fort Erie North boasts a long list of creeks and trails, including the Friendship Recreation Trail and the Greater Niagara Circle Route. This neighbourhood is very car friendly with most property listings being only a short drive to the highway and can offer a range of elementary schools and a high school. With Bay Beach open to visitors once more and a vibrant art and cultural scene that includes the Fort Erie Museum and Old Fort Erie, your weekend activities will be sorted after a move to Fort Erie North.

North Beamsville

Situated in Lincoln, Ontario, North Beamsville can offer its residents a few options for restaurants and cafes and the wider area boasts more than eighty wineries, serving up award-winning wines. A car-friendly neighbourhood, the real estate in the area varies from townhouses to single detached homes and there are a few options for both elementary and high schools.


Located just off of Highway 15, Elgin has great road links and offers a few elementary schools, as well as a regional high school. In the heart of Corn County, the neighbourhood boasts a variety of real estate options, including duplexes and large apartments. With over 100km of hiking trails and 120km of the Lake Erie shoreline, green spaces are abundant and perfect for the outdoorsy types thinking of living in Niagara.

Old Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Old Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake is considered an affluent community that is rich in heritage and in historical significance. With luxury waterfront properties and a host of incredible leisure options, including world-class dining and historical sightseeing, this is one of the best neighbourhoods in Niagara. The region boasts fantastic independent shopping experiences and a few options for both elementary and high schools.

North Fonthill

A good location for travel in the surrounding area, North Fonthill is a car-friendly neighbourhood with lots of green spaces that include a variety of fruit orchards and nature trails, like the Steve Bauer Trail. With basic shopping necessities close by and local elementary and high schools, this quiet neighbourhood really offers you the best of living in Niagara.

Downtown St. Catharines

The commercial and business center of St. Catharines, the area boasts Victorian and other architecturally significant homes in its residential area. With a good public transit system, the neighbourhood is suitable for both drivers and non-drivers and lots of major employers have offices close by. This prosperous neighbourhood is also great for shopping and dining out, making for a vibrant and thriving option for living in Niagara.

Thorold Proper

Offering mostly single detached homes and small apartment buildings, Thorold Proper has seen rapid development in recent years, attracting families and new businesses. Schools and daycares are accessible to all and the neighbourhood has good road links making it suitable for residents who drive. This quiet and calm area is a great option for living in Niagara.

West Main – Welland

West Main can offer residents great access to local schools and good road links. Most property options can offer two to three bedrooms and the streets are mostly calm and peaceful. With great green spaces accessible to the public, West Main can offer some leisure activities, though dining out options may be slightly limited.

Old Western Hill

Offering everything from small apartments to single detached homes to townhouses, most properties in this area were built pre-1960s. With convenient parking, this is a car-friendly neighbourhood with limited public transit links. Primary schools and daycare are abundant, though there are no local high school options. Old Western Hill can offer a slower pace of life for residents living in Niagara who love the outdoors.

Market Square – Welland

Market Square, Welland can provide lots of open green spaces, city parks, and access to trails like the Welland Canal Parkway Trail and has good links for drivers, offering residents lots to do in their leisure time. The area also boasts accessible schools and a range of property options from small and large apartments to duplexes. This is another option for slow-paced living in Niagara.

Looking to purchase a home in the Niagara Region?

From the quiet and peaceful to the vibrant and lively, Niagara has something to offer everyone. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Niagara Region, don’t hesitate to reach out to Davids & DeLaat today. Our team of experienced realtors are dedicated to finding you the perfect home, inside of the perfect neighbourhood. We can help you assess what’s most important to you and provide community recommendations based on your personal “liveability score”. Get in touch today to get started!

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