Why Do Marketing Skills Matter When Selling A Home?

Why Do Marketing Skills Matter When Selling A Home

Selling a home is a large financial venture and, unless you are a skilled investor in the housing market, chances are you don’t know the best methods and practices when it comes to selling your property.

The majority of people looking to sell their homes are ex-residents moving to a new location. In these cases, a lot of your money is likely tied up in the property. With that in mind, it is vital to ensure you get as much money out of it as possible. This is where professional and experienced marketing can help.

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are experienced and skilled financial professionals who can help make sure your home sale generates as much money for you as possible. The right real estate agent in your corner will ensure you have a solid pricing strategy, a fierce negotiator and the proper marketing to get your home seen by not just any buyer but your perfect buyer. They can help you to expand your listing to the proper channels, advertise directly to people who are actively looking to buy a home, leverage their current network of buyers looking for homes in your area and ultimately sell your property faster and for more money than the average real estate agent.

Why Effective Real Estate Marketing Is Vital

The more people who see your listing, the higher the number and variety of potential buyers you will have.

Real estate marketing is much more complicated and nuanced than it once was. Gone are the days when a sign on your front lawn or an ad in the newspaper were the only ways to get the word out there. Nowadays, you have to be present on multiple websites and social media platforms, all of which can be achieved with an experienced real estate agent.

Before Listing & After Listing Marketing Skills

When selling a property, you are likely to hear the terms ‘before-listing’ and ‘after-listing’ marketing. While this may sound like technical jargon, it is incredibly simple and should be utilized by anyone selling a home.

Before Listing Real Estate Marketing Skills

These skills are defined as the things you should do before the listing of your property goes out. This can include staging your home to look as enticing as possible, taking high-quality professional pictures to draw viewers in, writing appealing descriptions of the home which get potential buyers interested, and leveraging social media to create anticipation around your home’s official appearance on the market.

Essentially, anything which you do prior to releasing an advertisement for the property is considered a before-listing marketing skill.

After Listing Real Estate Marketing Skills

After-listing skills are designed to market your property as effectively as possible once your listing is out there. This can include personal networking, sending emails to potentially interested buyers, posting about your property on social media, creating digital ads that target specific areas buyers are likely to come from and setting up open house dates to invite buyers and their real estate agents to take a peek in person.

With properties in Canada, it is also important to utilize the MLS. The national MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Canada is a cooperative system exclusive to members of the CREA (the Canadian Real Estate Association) which lists properties across over 100 Canadian real estate boards in 13 provincial associations.

This is yet another reason you should hire an experienced real estate agent, as they will have access to these channels which an individual seller may not. Real Estate Agents can also provide guides to show you how to go about selling your home.

Davids & DeLaat: A Team With Ample Experience In Marketing & Selling Homes

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