What Are The Reasons Some Homes Sell Faster Than Others?

What Are The Reasons Some Homes Sell Faster Than Others

When it comes to selling a home, everyone wants it to be a fast process, but for some, it isn’t. While some houses sell in a flash, others can linger on the market for months, and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why.

In real estate, we’ve seen houses that sell so quickly, that we’ve barely had time to blink. While sometimes it is just down to sheer luck, there are some reasons why certain houses sell much quicker than others.

A Boost In Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is of top priority to REALTORS® and it describes the first and last impressions potential buyers get of a house. The moment a potential buyer sees a house, it’s possible that they have already made up their mind.

If the front of the house looks unappealing, then the deal may be over before you’ve even set foot inside. Consider how the front of your property looks and if there is anything that can be done to boost potential buyers’ first impressions of your home.

An Excellent Move-In Condition

Move-in condition describes a home that is ready and waiting for potential buyers to settle into immediately; it makes selling your house so much easier.

Think about the state of your property and whether a potential buyer would be able to move in straight away or whether renovation work needs to be done before this is possible.

The Housing Photography Is Well Done

First impressions matter, whether that is the first impression outside of the house or the first impression on the website. Remember that most people will choose to see homes in-person that they have already seen online, which means the photographs you use are of the utmost importance.

Good housing photography is one of the best marketing tools for a home on the market and it will make your house sell a lot quicker. Ensure that any photographs used to advertise your home are done professionally to display the beauty of your home.

The Significance Of Staging

Staging is essentially making your house look like a home. It helps potential buyers see how they could fill and live in the property on offer. Staging is incredibly important, but it’s not as easy as people think it is.

Good staging involves more than just furniture placement. It involves a deep cleaning of the home, the removal of personalized items such as family pictures and unique pieces and decluttering. If you have a spare room you’re just using for storage, it might be time to turn that into a pretend study to show potential buyers how they could use the space as well.

The Home Is Properly Priced

Unfortunately, the price of your home can stop a potential buyer from looking at it entirely, especially if they think it is overpriced. Houses that are priced appropriately to the market or more competitively tend to sell faster and they also attract more offers. Your house price, like staging and good photos, are another way to attract potential buyers.

The pricing strategy for your home may differ, which is why it’s important to discuss with your real estate agent what the options are in the current state of your local real estate market.

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