Types of Career Paths in the Real Estate Field

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Real estate is a diverse and welcoming profession that provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth. There is always something happening, places to go and people to see. There is also a lot happening behind the scenes to help make that house sell! Continue reading below to learn more about a few of the different career opportunities that exist in the real estate field:


Commercial or Residential Real Estate Agent

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AGENT: A commercial real estate agent assists in the lease, management, or sales of non-residential property. They work with clients to advise them on the best course of action when improving or investing in property or a commercial asset.

  • Property Types: farmland, medical facilities, businesses, and many more.
  • Client Types: everyone from industry leaders and zoning officers to government officials will be in need of the services you provide.

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE AGENT: A residential real estate agent is likely who comes to your mind when you think about real estate. You can work as a listing agent and represent the seller of residential properties, or you can work as a buyer’s agent and represent those who are looking to buy a home. As a real estate agent, you’ll walk your client through each property transaction providing guidance and knowledge with each step of the way. You will also likely be compensated through a commission, earning a percentage of each property’s purchase price.


Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker takes it one step further than a real estate agent. To become a broker you will have to further your education to earn a broker’s license. Unlike real estate agents, you can work independently and start your own brokerage and hire agents to work for you.

As a Real Estate Broker much of your work will be similar to that of a real estate agent—negotiating deals, preparing offers, and listing and showing properties. And, If you choose to work your way up to a managing or principal broker position, you’ll be responsible for overseeing transactions and supervising real estate agents at your firm.


Real Estate Investor

A real estate investor is someone who invests in real estate either actively or passively. Real estate investors buy and typically renovate properties for the purpose of building wealth.

As an investor, typically the process you’ll follow is to buy and renovate a home to sell at a higher price or to lease as rental homes. You’ll be responsible for the buying and selling process from start to finish, which includes tasks such as sourcing leads, closing deals, performing repairs, adding to the property’s value, and marketing the property.

While you’ll have many responsibilities as a real estate investor, you’ll also have complete control over every part of the investing process.


Commercial or Residential Appraiser

Real estate appraisers assess the market value of properties in order to promote the buying and selling of property fairly and lawfully.

As a residential appraiser, you’ll determine the value of residential properties while commercial appraisers deal with non-residential properties. You’ll be responsible for visiting and observing a property and judging any damages you discover.
This job is great for those with strong critical thinking skills in order to fairly assess the value of a property. You’ll also need excellent communication skills to adequately convey the reasoning behind your assessment of the property.


Real Estate Marketer

Being a Real Estate Marketer is great for the creative bunch! Real Estate has many rules and regulations to follow and having some real estate and marketing education under your belt makes for a very bright future. As a marketer in real estate you’ll be responsible for building and executing digital and traditional marketing campaigns to boost sales and promote the firm’s brand. From posting listings to social media, planning a billboard campaign and creating an awe-inspiring website, you’ll always be busy building a brand people love.

Working with a team of real estate agents, you’ll conceptualize campaigns that speak to your customers and adequately communicate the quality of the work your firm does. You’ll also analyze the results of previously implemented ad campaigns to determine what changes can be made to improve your strategy.

Strong organizational skills are useful to add in order to keep track of the various campaigns that run simultaneously.


Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales Representatives are able to play a big role within a real estate team. Helping to sell the services of each agent, an inside sales representative will primarily deal with either walk-in customers or source sales via email, cold calling, and lead follow-up calls.

Inside Sales Representatives are master communicators and are able to flush out the incoming leads, prioritize them by buyer type (new homeowner, investor, etc), and they can establish a relationship that can allow the real estate representative to swiftly help clients buy or sell their home.

Inside sales representatives have great communication, negotiation and public speaking skills.


Real Estate Deals Administrator

One of the most important behind the scenes roles is the processing of the real estate documents. From deal transactions, creating trade record sheets, finalizing deals, reviewing all submitted deal paperwork, ensuring completeness, corresponding with lawyers. This is where the Deals Administrator comes in.

Having a deals administrator on the team helps the listing and offer process for each agent to be simplified and correct. A perfect fit for this role is someone who is good with people, great with detail-oriented, and willing to work/create legally binding documents. The room for error in this position is small and carries a lot of importance to every agent on the team.


Property Manager

A property manager is someone who is hired by property owners to oversee and manage the daily operations of one or more properties. This typically occurs when the property owner is unable or unwilling to manage the property themself.
As a property manager, you’ll work on behalf of the property owner to maintain the value of the property while generating income. You’ll be responsible for negotiating lease agreements, collecting rent payments, conducting routine inspections, and more.

Strong communication skills and organizational abilities are great qualities to have in order to keep track of all your duties as a property manager.


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