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Here in Ontario, we have the pleasure of experiencing the four seasons distinctly. However, the notoriously harsh Canadian winters and often hot, humid summers can cause weathering, deterioration and other issues for your home. To prevent these costly damages from occurring it is important to schedule maintenance on an ongoing basis for both the interior and exterior of your home. For homeowners this can seem like a daunting task but most of the work can be done without experience and if any job feels out of your comfort zone or outside of your abilities, consider calling a professional for help. By breaking the maintenance jobs down into seasonal checklists it helps homeowners stay on track and protect the appearance, efficiency and integrity of their homes.

Winter Maintenance

Canadian winters are not for the faint of heart, luckily here in Niagara Region we experience a milder winter compared to other parts of Ontario. Despite this fact, the winter can still bring damaging forces that affect your house and yard which is why it is important to both prepare for the winter and maintain certain tasks throughout. With the cold weather and snow lined yards, the winter is a great time to check off interior maintenance tasks in your home. Below is a checklist for the cold winter months:


❏ Vacuum exhaust fans

❏ Inspect caulking around sink & tub and inspect tile grout (replace if necessary)

❏ Inspect sinks & toilets to ensure no leaks

❏ Clean showerheads & faucets of buildup

❏ Clean and check drains for buildup


❏ Vacuum exhaust fan/ check the filter

❏ Inspect caulking around sink and counter (replace if necessary)

❏ Inspect under sink/dishwasher plumbing to ensure no leaks

❏ Clean the garbage disposal (vinegar + water ice cubes work great!)

❏ Vacuum and clean refrigerator coils

General Interior

❏ Declutter and organize areas such as closets, garages, basements, etc.

❏ Check sump pump is working properly before the spring thaw

❏ Clean and reverse ceiling fans to clockwise position to help redistribute warm air

Spring Maintenance

Spring is most commonly when people get down and dirty in the interiors of their home and check off the annual “spring cleaning”. Spring is a great time to get your home cleaned up after the long winter and also get it prepped for the hot summer that lies ahead. Below are some important maintenance items that should be done during the spring months:

Exterior of Home

❏ After last frost, manually return water flow to outside and check for leaks and other damages, ensure your sprinkler system is working if necessary

❏ Check roof for damage, missing shingles and potential leaks (repair if needed)

❏ Clean and inspect the house exterior (siding, windows, doors, screens, etc. and make repairs where needed)

❏ Clean and re-stain/reseal the deck if necessary

❏ Clean the leaves and debris from gutters and inspect for any damage caused over the winter (consider installing gutter guards)

❏ Inspect and maintain driveway (fill cracks, gaps, etc.)

❏ Inspect foundation for cracks and other damage (repair where needed)

❏ Have someone inspect your septic tank (when needed, have pumped)

❏ Bring out, inspect and clean outdoor furniture

❏ Deep clean and prepare your outdoor cooking tools (BBQ, griddles, etc.)

Yard Work

❏ Rake leftover debris from the winter

❏ Prepare gardens/flower beds (pruning, weeding, mulching, edging)

❏ Fertilize your lawn and apply grass seed where necessary

❏ Begin planting after the last frost (depending on your project)

❏ Consider having trees inspected by a professional periodically in order to avoid costly damages caused by unhealthy trees and falling limbs

Interior of Home

❏ Have your air conditioner unit serviced/ filters changed before the summer heat

❏ Conduct a thorough “Spring cleaning”

❏ Check fire extinguishers

❏ Test smoke detectors and other sensors in the home

❏ Vacuum dryer vents, remove lint buildup from washer/dryer units and clean

Summer Maintenance

Summer is a time for soaking up the sun and enjoying the BBQ and beach season with your family. However, there are still some small things that should be done around the house during these summer months to keep your home in tip-top shape. We best recommend doing tasks that can be enjoyed during the warmer weather and we listed some of them below:

Exterior of Home

❏ If your siding is in need of a facelift, the summer is a great time to consider painting and repairing such damage

❏ Inspect any fences on the property (repair if needed)

❏ Inspect the whole exterior and fill in any gaps, cracks and holes in which rodents and other pests can enter your home (take care of any existing issues)

❏ Oil door hinges including garage door

Yard Work

❏ Regular watering and mowing for your lawn

❏ Regular weed removal and maintenance on garden and flower beds

Interior of Home

❏ Consider inspecting the interior of your home and scheduling contractors in advance for interior work in the cooler months when demand has gone down

❏ Recheck your plumbing and inspect for any signs of leaks, consider ensuring the shut off valve is in working condition for the event of a plumbing emergency

❏ Clean and reverse your ceiling fans into a counterclockwise flow in order to push air down and create a nice airflow inside the home

❏ Consider planning or reviewing emergency preparedness plans for your home and family (fire escape points/routes, meeting points, emergency supplies, etc)

❏ Regularly inspect basements for signs of leakage, moisture and other issues

Fall Maintenance

Fall often brings maintenance challenges of its own but it is also an important time to prepare your home for the winter months that lay ahead. Below are some of the crucial maintenance tasks that we recommend getting done before the snow covers the ground:

Exterior of Home

❏ Cover air conditioner unit for the winter

❏ Recheck windows/door for any missing or damaged caulking/ weather stripping

❏ Recheck roof for missing shingles/damage before snow

❏ Remove leaves/debris from gutters as needed

❏ Manually shut off and drain all exterior water sources

❏ Clean and protect your deck for the winter

❏ Protect/store outdoor furniture and cooking utilities for the winter

❏ Tune and prepare any winter tools such as snowblowers, while preparing to store any summer tools such as lawn mowers/weed-eaters

Yard Work

❏ Regularly rake and remove leaves from your yard to prevent brown spots

❏ Prune/ trim trees and hedges if needed (fall or spring are equally as efficient)

❏ Consider using a fall fertilizer and aerating your lawn

❏ Clean and clear flower/garden beds and winterize anything necessary

❏ Clean gardening and other summer tools for winter storage

Interior of Home

❏ Have your furnace/ fireplace or other heating sources inspected and tuned before the winter comes

❏ Replace batteries, dust and test all of the smoke detectors and sensors in house

❏ Drain and flush the hot water heater

❏ Inspect and clean the chimney before winter use

❏ Deep clean and sanitize carpet throughout house after summer traffic

❏ Check the attack to ensure insulation is good and there is no unwanted activity

In Conclusion

These seasonal and annual maintenance tasks are important to include when creating an effective maintenance schedule for your home. However, there are many other maintenance jobs that should be performed on a more regular basis. We care about your real estate investment and we want to help you create the ultimate home maintenance checklist so be sure to keep an eye out for future home maintenance posts!

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