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It’s one of life’s biggest decisions. It’s one of life’s biggest purchases. Choosing an agent to represent you in this transaction is just as significant.

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What should you look for in an agent? Ask yourself:

  • Are they proactive?
  • Do they understand market trends?
  • Are they quick with their response times?
  • Are they focused on you and your needs?
  • Will they go above and beyond to meet those needs?
  • Will they exceed your expectations?

With the Davids & DeLaat Team, the answers are always yes!

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Buying a Home in Niagara?

Whether it's your first or fifth home, it's one of life's biggest decisions and biggest purchases. We'll see you through a seamless home buying experience that starts with this guide.

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We average 8 times the transactions of the average realtor.
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Not only is the landscape of the Niagara Region changing, but so is the reputation and the homebuyer. People are realizing what we always knew, there is no better place to live than Niagara. As your Real Estate Advisor, we will be with you every step of the way, answering every question and anticipating challenges you may not see. We are honest advisors and have earned our high client retention rate because we genuinely love real estate and always go above and beyond the call of duty. With an understanding and in-depth experience with the family, investment, commercial and luxury market, we believe in placing our clients with the perfect property to suit their budget and needs.