Dated: December 16 2019

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When it comes time to sell your first home, you want to make sure you do it right. Not only to get the best price but to make the process run smoothly. Does your home need renovations? Should you stage it? When should you put it on the market? Selling can be a stressful experience and one that an experienced Davids & DeLaat Salesperson can help manage.

While some are hesitant to pay the commissions, these costs are well worth it as the realtor® can negotiate to ensure you receive the highest value for your home. From determining the list price, to advertising, to prospective buyers, to providing a level of security when opening up your home for open houses, working with a Davids & DeLaat Salesperson has many advantages.

Shawn DeLaat, a Niagara Region realtor® of 16 years, discusses his top tips for first-time home sellers: ‍

1. Assess before renovating.

Many believe that renovations are needed before selling their home. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom or basement, these changes are assumed to increase a home’s overall value and fetch a higher price. This is not always the case, however, when a home is in an area or price point with high demand, it may not be worth the investment to renovate as the home may enter into multiple offers regardless. Assessing your home’s need for improvement is something important to discuss with your Davids & DeLaat Salesperson prior to listing. With the current market in Niagara, generally these upgrades aren’t needed and you may end up saving thousands of dollars and headaches in renovations. ‍

2. Presentation is everything.

Now that listings are easily accessible online, quality photography is a non-negotiable for a successful ad. Regardless of list price, kitchen counters should be clean and clutter around the home should be removed. With the advent of HGTV, buyers are accustomed to a specific type of captivating presentation. With that precedent set, a house may need to be staged to make it appear more saleable (it costs money to make money, after all), especially in the case of high priced homes. ‍

3. Timing is essential.

It was a common belief that spring was always the best time to put your house up for sale. And while in some cases that still holds true, in recent years January-March has proven to be a more opportune time to sell as inventory for buyers is limited. Your Davids & DeLaat Salesperson can evaluate the market to determine whether its best to list in a high or low demand housing economy. ‍

4. Patience is key.

The most successful real estate transactions occur when the sellers practise patience. Initially, your listing may not get a lot of viewings, but if it’s priced intelligently, your house will not only sell but also receive offers at or above your asking price. Patience is also key in preparing your house. Whether it just needs a tidy, some staging, or a larger-scale renovation, ensuring your house shows at its best is crucial.

5. Trust your Davids & DeLaat Salesperson.

A professional Davids & DeLaat Salesperson will work with you to list your house in the best condition and at the most competitive price to garner attention. An agent will do the heavy lifting for you, including advertising, arranging and confirming showings, and hosting open houses. Sellers also have financial obligations as well, including lawyer fees, commissions and staging costs - all things a realtor® can walk you through. Ultimately, a good realtor® doesn’t pressure their clients and will coach you on the wisest offer to accept at the right time.

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Shawn DeLaat

Helping people buy and sell real estate is Shawn’s passion. Now in his 20th year, he’s proud to be in the top 1% of all realtors for sales production in the entire Niagara region. Shawn’s outgoi....

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