Buying and Selling Real Estate During COVID-19

Dated: May 12 2020

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The #1 question everyone asks us is: How is the Market? 

A lot of people are concerned about the market and how the real estate market will be affected by this time.  If you haven't had a chance to tune into our Thursday #TakeOvers through Instagram LIVE to watch as our team discuss current market trends and provide insight into what our projections are, let us take a moment to fill you in!  Deemed an essential service across Canada, the real estate industry has continued to operate throughout this entire time. Despite working from home and strictly enforcing all social distancing measures, Davids & DeLaat have continued to provide our clients with real estate support "as usual" in the new normal. We can confirm that though buyers and sellers are transacting very differently, we continue to support transactions and despite the number of transactions being down (which is to be expected as we are all under a strict Stay At Home order)the average price per transaction is maintaining and at the time we are even seeing multiple offers and transactions selling for over asking.  We feel strongly that as Ontario slowly reopens and as we enter into summer the Niagara Region's real estate market will experience a healthy re-opening. We also feel that once Niagara Region residents are able to return to work and re-coop economic losses, the Niagara Region real estate market will experience a very healthy bounce-back and even see a sales surge by early 2021!

The next question we are always asked is: What should to expect when buying and selling a House in the Midst of COVID-19? With social distancing and other protective measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, people and businesses are having to creatively adjust to a new normal, Davids & DeLaat included!  As we look towards June and the potential slow reopening of Ontario and the Niagara Region, we want to reach out to our clients and provide insight and reassurance of how Davids & DeLaat will continue to navigate the real estate market during this unprecedented time in history. Davids & DeLaat are extremely proud and honored to be Niagara Region's #1 Real Estate Team and our #1 priority is to provide 5STAR customer service to each and every one of our clients. It is with that motto in mind that we are doing everything possible to ensure that we are offering our 5STAR customer service inline with adjusting and offering services that will keep our clients safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Davids & DeLaat are proud to be offering a wide list of virtual services to ensure that whether our clients are buying or selling real estate, our clients will be completely supported throughout every step of the process and their health and best interests will not be jeopardized. 

Thinking of Selling?

We use cutting edge technology such as interactive 360-degree video tours,  video tours, and even offer LIVE video tours in which prospective buyers can watch in real-time, and ask questions to showcase our client's homes. In the pre-crisis world, we relied upon our results proven approach to prepping a home for sale and the many different individuals who make up our team – cleaners, stagers, photographers, to name a few. As we navigate the new normal, we will continue to offer our full robust list of services, but we have streamlined our processes and injected a little creativity combined with the help of some innovative tech tools our Home Prep Toolkit is COVID-19 ready. When selling your home, Davids & DeLaat will discuss how to show off your home’s best features, angles and will provide you with a personalized toolkit to help you get your home ready for selling.

Thinking of Buying?

The award-winning team of Davids & DeLaat is here to assist our homebuyers throughout every step of the process. Our agents will assist our clients throughout every step of the process. As a homebuyer, virtual real estate means that you’ll be able to shop for your new home, without ever leaving the couch. Davids & DeLaat will guide you and assist you with using the new tools available through online listings to virtually walk through and explore potential homes, as well as provide you with any details that may not be found on the listing. When it comes to viewing homes, our agents will provide guidance and assistance as to viewing properties during COVID-19 and ensure that our clients are kept safe and healthy. This includes (but is not limited to) providing all buyers with a list of requirements that will be shared before you take your tour at each individual property. Additional measures such as implementing proper sanitization measures including wearing masks and gloves during showings, arriving in separate vehicles, agreeing to not touch anything within the property, and leaving family members at home.

The Finer Virtual Details.

Why have a meeting in person if you can do it virtually? With the ability to automize every facet of the home buying and selling process, Davids & DeLaat agents are now completing transactions that are 100% digital. Virtual tools are even helping to streamline the standard ream of paperwork required to close on a home, allowing buyers and sellers to work through documentation completely online. Davids & DeLaat agents are adapts and proficient at using virtual platforms such as Docusign, Zoom or Google Docs to review paperwork or offers with clients, allowing changes to be made together in real-time.When it comes to buying or selling a home during these unprecedented times, Davids & DeLaat are here to guide you through our virtual processes.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to give you a high five at closing, but for now,  we are going to do everything within in our power to ensure that your needs are met through a process that is as personal and comfortable as possible, under these extraordinary circumstances.

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