5 Reasons Why Niagara is the Perfect Place to Retire

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Are you trying to find the perfect place to retire in Ontario? The Niagara Region located in southwestern Ontario is full of beautiful retirement communities that are waiting for you to join. The average retirement age in Canada is between the ages of 60-65 and for many people it is a time of freedom with no more ties to a busy work schedule. Naturally, this leads to more time for relaxing, socializing and doing the things you love. Buying a house in the Niagara Region is sure to help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life during retirement. Take a look at some of the main reasons why Niagara Region is the perfect place to call home in your golden years.

1. Microclimate

Niagara Region is known to have a unique and desirable microclimate that results in longer summers and milder winters. This microclimate is largely due to the unique geographical area that Niagara occupies. Thanks to the moderating effects of Lake Ontario to the west and Lake Erie to the east, along with the Niagara Escarpment running through the peninsula, the region experiences some of the warmest weather in all of Canada. This unique weather has led to the Niagara Region being one of Canada’s largest wine producers as it provides the perfect climate for growing grapes and other stone fruits.

The distinctive microclimate in Niagara makes it the perfect place for retirees who want to escape from the typical Canadian winter but still live locally for family and friends. In addition, the region has a lush selection of world-class wines and wineries available at your fingertips for both consumption and entertainment purposes.

2. Affordable Real Estate

One of the main things that make moving to the Niagara Region so attractive is the real estate market. There is something for everyone in Niagara with 12 municipalities that each offer a different experience, from small towns to big cities. Whether you are in search of a charming family home located on a large lot or apartment/condo style living located within walking distance to important amenities the Niagara Region has got you covered. No matter what you’re in search of as a retiree, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to a quality home at a more affordable price.

In Niagara you’ll find the average price of a home as of December 2020 was $532,400, significantly lower when compared to the provincial average of $751,508 (Source, CREA). If you buy real estate in Niagara now, you can be confident that the value of your home will increase steadily as more people make their way to the Niagara Region, as recent trends have shown.

3. Mobility

Niagara Region is the perfect place for retirees due to the fact it has several major cities centres that are sure to provide everything you need from shopping to entertainment. Throughout the region you can find access to both inner city transit and inter-municipality transport, making it easy to travel inside and across cities. If you are looking to travel outside the region there is easy access to both the CN rail and GO Train from the major cities in Niagara. This allows fast and easy transportation to Ontario’s capital located about an hour and a half away.

If public transportation is not for you, there is easy access from the major cities to both Toronto and the United States border thanks to the Queen Elizabeth Way. Additional major highways in the area that connect to both the United States and other Niagara municipalities include Highway 406, Highway 405 and Highway 140 and others. Being in close proximity to both the GTA and Buffalo across the border, there are plenty of opportunities to travel, shop, explore and enjoy entertainment outside of the Niagara Region.

4. Local Events and Attractions

The Niagara Region is home to some of the most beautiful sights. Horseshoe Falls, one of the most well-known wonders throughout the world is located in Niagara Falls and brings millions of people from around the world. As a retiree in Niagara Region, you will soon come to realize that it is easy to lead a healthy active lifestyle with the abundance of picturesque places to explore in the area. With over 200 walking and cycling trails, access to 2 of the Great Lakes and over 35 golf courses located in the region you will be sure to find an activity you love.

Alongside the beautiful nature in the area and other year-round activities, there is never a shortage of events and festivities to take part in across the region. Some of the most popular annual festivals include the Shaw Festival, Niagara Wine Festival, Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival, Niagara Jazz Festival, Winter Festival of Lights and more.

5. Access to Healthcare

Niagara Region is home to one of Ontario’s largest multi-site hospital amalgamations, Niagara Health System. There are 5 major hospital sites located across the region including Douglas Memorial Site in Fort Erie, Greater Niagara General Site in Niagara Falls, Port Colborne Site, St. Catharines Site and Welland Site. The region also has a wide variety of specialized services including Walker Family Cancer Centre, Cardiac Care Program, Extended Care Units, Niagara District Stroke Centre and more. Having easy access to good quality healthcare is important when looking for a suitable location for retirement and Niagara Region is here to provide you the support and resources you need to stay healthy.

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